Book Titles by Anthony Bruno

The Seekers: A Bounty Hunter's Story:

re-creates Armstrong's most daring cases. Combining hard-hitting action, gripping storytelling, and an inspiring personal story, The Seekers: A Bounty Hunter's Story chronicles Joshua Armstrong's quest for spiritual growth and enlightment while "seeking" America's most wanted. 

Devil's Food:

Loretta Kovacs is at the bottom of the law enforcement food chain, tracking down parole violators. On the trail of a money laundering grifter, she winds up at a Florida fat farm where the Internal Revenue Service and a mob enforcer join her in the hunt. With a plot that twists and crackles with surprising energy, Anthony Bruno turns this overworked material into a wonderfully dark comic thriller. Here's a writer to watch.

Double Espresso:

Parole officers Loretta Kovass and Frank Marvelli have a big problem: They've been ordered to find a hit man before he kills a mob turncoat who's tucked away in the Witness Protection Program.

Hot Fudge:

Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli, the fugitive-hunting heroes of Devil's Food and Double Espresso are back in another sexy, savvy yarn of lowlifes on the lam - and the quirky characters who hunt them down.

Partners -- and lovers at last -- Frank and Loretta usually bust parole violators for the New Jersey Jump Squad. But their off-hours relationship runs into a couple of curvaceous speed bumps in the form of Elvissa Mylowe, a fellow PO and former flame of Frank's who is just too irresistible...


Mismatched partner cops Somerset and Mills are on the trail of a psychotic murderer who intends to avenge the seven deadly sins, starting with gluttony, and only they have the chance to stop the killer before he reaches the last and most shocking crime. Movie tie-in.

The Ice Man: The Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer:

The undercover efforts of agent Dominick Polifrone are revealed in a chronicle of his struggles with Richard Kuklinski, who killed more than one hundred victims for money and pleasure.


James Jesus Angleton

Joshua Armstrong & the Seekers

Steven Avery

Bonanno Crime Family

Whitey Bulger

The Colombo Family

"What're You Gonna Do Now, Tough Guy?"

Phoolan Devi

Larry Flynt

The Gambino Family

The Genovese

The Godfather, Fact and fiction

Hannibal Rising Book and Movie Reviews

Hip-Hop Homicide

Jimmy Hoffa

Sherlock Holmes

Danielle Imbo & Richard Petrone

Brian Jones

Khobar Towers

The Kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart

Andrew Kissel

Nancy Kissel

Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski: The Iceman Melts

Hanibal Lecter

Jessica Lunsford

Married to the Mob

Perry March

Etan Patz

Anthony Pellicano

Port Authority Police

Richard Ramirez

Steven Seagal & the Mob

Sex in the Suburbs

Frank Sinatra & The Mob

Real Life Sopranos

Phil Spector

Hans Vorhauer

Sid Vicious & Nauseating Nancy

The Yakuza

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